California Earthquake Gas Shut Off Valve

CALIFORNIA (formerly known as Koso) Seismic Gas Shutoff Valves are installed throughout the U.S. and in many countries at risk from earthquakes.

The DSA certification program deals with earthquake sensitive gas shutoff valves (ESV) and excess flow automatic gas shutoff valves (EFV).

Safety & Preparedness Gas Shutoff ... flow gas shut-off valve or earthquake-actuated gas shut-off valve, the valve must be certified by the State of California.

Learn how to purchase install and use earthquake shut-off and excess-flow valves. ... Southern California Gas Company is a subsidiary of Sempra Energy ...

Koso - The California Valve: These valves are earthquake-sensitive gas shut-off valves.

Pacific Seismic Products, Inc, (PSP) has been manufacturing the California Seismic Valve also known as KOSO Valve since 1978. Serving residential, commercial, and industrial uses, over 180,000 KOSO automatic shut-off valves have been installed in California over the last two decades…

Earthquake Gas Shut-off Valves ... California Valve. These valves are earthquake-sensitive gas shut-off valves. They are intended to close in the event of an ...

Gas Shutoff Devices There are three types of gas shutoff devices. These are manual shutoff valves, earthquake sensitive automatic shutoff valves, and excess flow automatic gas shutoff valves.

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