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In addition to what I said above there have been weak to no earthquakes around 100 miles from faults (I would say that in Northern California thats Sacramento, Marysville, Chico, Redding) EDIT2: The Loma Pierta was the big earthquake that happened 1989 during the world series when the A's played the Giant's.

It is so common for people to have had vivid technicolor dreams and visions of these earthquakes or tsunamis, that personally I have to believe there is something in it. But it is not just California.

Earthquake Zones of Required Investigation: Maps showing fault s, fault traces, liquefaction zones and earthquake-induced landslide zones . Available as PDF and GIS Data. Seismic Hazard Zone Reports and Fault Evaluation Reports: these reports are provided to accompany and support the Earthquake Zones of Required Investigation maps.

By entering the property address below, you can find how close a house is to any California Earthquake Fault Zones. Please wait for 1M-byte Earthquake Fault Map Zones to appear before entering the address. 2014 preliminary Hollywood Fault Zone in not included.

It’s now way easier to find out if you live in a California earthquake fault zone. ... creation of these maps decades ago as a matter of public safety.

California’s large offshore faults and steep underwater slopes could cause a local tsunami to arrive in minutes. Tsunamis can also travel across the ocean from distant earthquakes. Although these events are rare, it is important to know what to do.

How can I be certain that the map I have is an Official Map of Seismic Hazard Zones? The California Earthquake Hazards Zone Application ...

Your Earthquake Risk. ... home of the New Madrid Seismic Zone, ... at Earthquake Safety at School and Earthquake Safety at Work.

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california has more than a 99 chance of having a magnitude 6 7 or larger earthquake within the next 30 years according to scientists using a new model to

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