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It’s now way easier to find out if you live in a California earthquake fault zone. The California Geological Survey has published an easy-to-use interactive map online — type in your address or share your location on your smartphone, and, voila, you’ll know if you stand in a fault zone. Or ...

An earthquake fault zone runs through Beverly Hills’ world-famous Rodeo Drive shopping district, according to a new official California map.

Fashion girls, heed warning: your Gucci is in danger. Data from California geologists indicate an earthquake fault darts underneath the famed Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills, which could put the area’s luxury retailers at risk. A new map released from California’s Geological Survey shows that an ...

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Home: Relative2Me - Which earthquakes happened near you? REQ2 - New version of Recent Earthquakes Map that uses Google Maps Did you feel it? - click Southern CA || Northern CA Click on an earthquake on the above map for a zoomed-in view.

California Earthquake Fault Zones Search Page. California Department of Conservation publishes Earthquake Fault Zone Maps on the Internet. But most of people have difficulty reading these maps.

Living in fear that your home is on a fault line? Validate or negate your fears with a new map from the California Geological Survey. The Los Angeles Times says the map allows users to input their address or share their location to see whether they’re living in a fault zone, in an area at risk of ...

There are three main types of fault, all of which may cause an interplate earthquake: normal, reverse (thrust) and strike-slip.Normal and reverse faulting are examples of dip-slip, where the displacement along the fault is in the direction of dip and movement on them involves a vertical component.

Seismic Shaking Hazard Assessment

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