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The Hayward fault has been dubbed a "tectonic time bomb."

Update | An earthquake struck the Bay Area early Thursday morning along a fault line that U.S. Geological Survey scientists have called a “tectonic time bomb.” The earthquake hit near Berkeley, California, as a magnitude 4.4. The damage is expected to be minimal, but it occurred along the ...

The Hayward Fault Zone is a geologic fault zone capable of generating destructive earthquakes.This fault is about 74 mi (119 km) long, situated mainly along the western base of the hills on the east side of San Francisco Bay.

An earthquake fault zone runs through Beverly Hills’ world-famous Rodeo Drive shopping district, according to a new official California map.

The 2010 Baja California earthquake (also known as 2010 Easter earthquake, 2010 Sierra El Mayor earthquake, or 2010 El Mayor – Cucapah earthquake) occurred on April 4 (Easter Sunday) with a moment magnitude of 7.2 and a maximum Mercalli intensity of VII (Very strong).

Residents of the bay area of California were shaken awake today as a result of a strong 4.5-magnitude earthquake. The earthquake was centered below Berkeley, California and was a result of movement along the Hayward fault, according to the USGS.

Do you live near a fault in California and what is your earthquake risk. Nearly everyone in California lives within 30 miles of an active fault that could cause a damaging earthquake.

Bay Area earthquake history. Since 1836, there have been five earthquakes in the San Francisco Bay Area with a magnitude of 6.75 or higher.

This is an excellent and timely insightful report by Dr. Ross Stein and his team at Temblor. The Hayward Fault and the San Andreas Fault are much better known to the general public in the San Francisco Bay Area.

California earthquakes are a geologic inevitability. The state straddles the North American and Pacific tectonic plates and is crisscrossed by the San Andreas and other active fault systems. The magnitude 7.9 earthquake that struck off Alaska’s Kodiak Island on Jan. 23, 2018 was just the latest ...

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