Earthquake California June 1992

The 1992 Landers earthquake occurred on June 28 with an epicenter near the town of Landers, California. The shock had a moment magnitude of 7.3 and a maximum Mercalli intensity of IX (Violent

At magnitude 7.3, the Landers earthquake was the largest earthquake to hit Southern California in 40 years. Centered in the Mojave Desert, approximately 120 miles from Los Angeles, the earthquake caused relatively little damage for its size ...

The 1925 Santa Barbara earthquake hit the area of Santa Barbara, California on June 29, with a moment magnitude of 6.8 and a maximum Mercalli Intensity of IX (Violent).It resulted in 13 casualties and destroyed the historic center of the city, with damage estimated at $8 million (about $111 million in 2017).

Close-up view of refugees as they flee along Grove Street from the so-called 'Ham & Eggs' fire, San Francisco, California, April 18, 1906. This fire started in a house on the south side of Hayes Street when, around 9am, a woman attempted to make breakfast on her stove, the chimney for which had been ...

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although the second one was at, and then moved near (to present Carmel in 1771), the Spanish capital of California, Monterey. The plan for the spacing of the Missions was not completed until the founding of Santa Inés in 1804.

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State of California. 01/04/2018 - Dry December Produces Below-Average Snowpack: Today's Department of Water Resources (DWR) manual snow survey east of Sacramento in the Sierra Nevada found little snowpack, which was predictable after a dry December throughout California.

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