Earthquake What To Do

Avoid roads, bridges, or ramps that the earthquake may have damaged. After an Earthquake. When the shaking stops, look around. If the building is damaged and there is a clear path to safety, leave the building and go to an open space away from damaged areas. If you are trapped, do not move about or kick up dust.

Electricity, water, gas and telephones may not be working after an earthquake. The police and fire departments are likely to be tied up. You should be prepared to fend for yourself for at least three days, preferably for a week.

If you are outdoors during an earthquake. Ensure you do the following if you are outdoors during an earthquake: Stay there. Move away from buildings, streetlights, and utility wires. Once in the open, stay there until the shaking stops. The greatest danger exists directly outside buildings, at exits and alongside exterior walls.

What to Do Before an Earthquake. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, a battery-powered radio, a flashlight, and extra batteries at home.

♦ Use earthquake putty or museum wax to secure picture frames and vases to tabletops. ♦ Remove anything that could fall on your bed, like heavy frames or bookcases. ♦ Move your bed away from windows, which can shatter and cause cuts.

A detailed guide explaining what steps should be taken before, during and after an earthquake

An earthquake is a sudden, rapid shaking of the earth caused by the shifting of rock beneath the earth’s surface. They strike without warning, at any time of year, day or night. Forty-five U.S. states and territories are at moderate to very high risk of earthquakes. Learn what to do to keep your ...

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