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The maps displayed below show how earthquake hazards vary across the United States. Hazards are measured as the likelihood of experiencing earthquake shaking of various intensities.How to read the mapsThe colors in the maps denote “seismic design categories” (SDCs), which reflect the likelihood of experiencing earthquake shaking of various ...

California Earthquake Fault Zones Search Page. California Department of Conservation publishes Earthquake Fault Zone Maps on the Internet. But most of people have difficulty reading these maps.

National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) Earthquake Hazard Maps Maps showing how earthquake hazards vary across the United States

What is an earthquake? A trembling or shaking of the ground caused by the sudden release of energy stored in the rocks below the surface, radiating from a fault along which movement has just taken place.

Learn about the major earthquake zones on each of the 7 continents and find out about some of the biggest quakes in history.

This page describes what to do before, during, and, after an earthquake. Know your risk What. An earthquake is the sudden, rapid shaking of the earth, caused by the breaking and shifting of subterranean rock as it releases strain that has accumulated over a long time.

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, responsible for monitoring, reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards

Earthquakes in the San Francisco Bay Region result from the accumulation of energy as the Pacific Plate slides past the North American Plate. The fact that a devastating earthquake occurred in 1906 — the San Francisco earthquake — is common knowledge.

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New Map Shows Earthquake Prone Places Across U S Time

new map shows earthquake prone places across u s

Heartland Danger Zones Emerge On New U S Earthquake Hazard Map

new map highlights earthquake risk zones blue boxes indicate areas with induced or human

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